As you are shopping for that special someone on your list this year? Give them something that is rich in tradition, has many health benefits and is just plain yummy - a kiss!


Christmas is the time of year that we traditionally hang mistletoe from our doorways and ceilings in hopes that we will either kiss or be kissed. Why do we kiss under mistletoe at Christmas?

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Did you know there are several benefits to kissing? According to,  kissing is not only good, it's good for you!

  • Kissing can break down plaque and prevent cavities. It causes you to make more saliva, which helps wash away bacteria. (YES!!! Good bye toothbrush!! Well, maybe
  • Kissing is a workout! You use over 30 facial muscles while kissing, which keeps your face looking younger. ( I know I won't make excuses to avoid THIS workout :-)

Kissing boosts your metabolism and it burns calories. During a REALLY passionate kiss, you can burn from two to five calories per minute. ( Ok, free yourself a couple of hours a day to work off those thighs!!!)

Click here for MORE kissing health benefits!!



So as you’re planning on locking lips this holiday season, follow these tips:

Keep it smooth – NO dry lips!!  Gently exfoliate your lips with a wet toothbrush and off then apply some Chapstick or yummy gloss.

Keep it fresh – Don't eat onions OR garlic!!!

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Ok, now go forth and KISS!!!! It will be the best Christmas ever! :-)