68 dogs have been seized from a property, and now shelters are overcrowded and need help. 

It Takes a Village Canine Rescue
It Takes a Village Canine Rescue

68 dogs were seized yesterday after a huge operation.  A woman owned a former church had "rescued" the dogs and tried to run a kennel, but ended up getting overwhelmed and the dogs were kept in terrible conditions (source).

It Takes a Village Canine Rescue sent out a press release in which they talk about taking in 25 of the 68 dogs that were seized from horrible conditions yesterday.  Now they're desperately needing fosters to help with the amount of dogs they have. They also have set up a crowdfunding campaign, so if you can't foster, you can help out monetarily as well, a portion of the proceeds from their campaign will go to help the Spirit Medical Fund.

Another Chance for Animals, and the Vanderburgh Humane Society all also stepped in and pulled dogs. But this is no small task. Many of the dogs have health issue from living in such bad conditions.  Like It Takes a Village, Another Chance for Animals can also always use fosters.  You can also help by donating to them directly as well as the VHS. All rescues have really stepped up, and their hard work shouldn't go unnoticed. Thank you to the rescues who stepped up and helped these dogs in need!  Taking in 68 dogs is no easy task, and the fact these rescues all worked together to get the job done is incredible.

If you can foster, reach out to any of these rescues, and they will help get you through the application process.

As you may know, all 3 of these organizations hold a special place in my heart, the VHS are great partners with us here at WKDQ, Another Chance For Animals rescued my Wrigley, and I'll always be thankful to them for rescuing my sweet girl! It Takes a Village rescued my George, and I'll always be thankful to them as well for rescuing my big dopey dude!

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