After posting on Facebook they would answer the Lip Sync Challenge issued by the Henderson Police Department (see below), the Evansville Police Department dropped the mic on Friday with a phenomenal production posted on Facebook.


There's a battle happening on social media. No, not the one where people share their opinions and think everyone who has a different opinion is wrong. This one is far more lighthearted and fun. It's a Lip Sync Challenge among law enforcement agencies across the country and it recently found its way to the Tri-State when a couple of officers from the Henderson Police Department challenged the Evansville Police Department.

Well, the EPD not only saw the challenge, but answered with — dare I say — authority.

The Department shared the video below from Officer Scott Hurt with the following statement:

To those who keep challenging the Evansville Police Department to a #lipsyncbattle , we want to remind you that we were lip syncing long before the latest wave of amateur performances ever popped up on the internet.
Our all-star lineup hit the streets with the our jam session almost two years ago. Glad to see the rest of you finally catching up...

Oh snap!

The Henderson officers also put the challenge out there for the Owensboro Police Department who, as of this post, have yet to respond. Although, topping the EPD's response will be tough to do.


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