Each year, Good Call does an analysis of 835 cities and towns nationwide, to get the top 100 cities for first responders. Evansville and Henderson, BOTH made the top 50! 

Angela Waye
Angela Waye

First responders are anyone who typically responds to an emergency.  For instance, EMS, police, and firefighters.

Good call placed TWO tri-state cities in the top 50! That's huge! Out of 835 cities, Evansville ranked 41, and Henderson ranked 48!

Here's the method they used to rank the cities. They first looked for places where first responders can get a well paid job in their field by looking that these things:

  • 25% Job availability
  • 25% Comparative salary
  • 25% Cost of living

Then based on the city itself

  • 5% Unemployment rate
  • 5% Amenities
  • 5% Restaurants and bars
  • 5% Crime rate
  • 5% Educational attainment

To read more about their method, and why each of these things matter, check out the reason for their methodology, here.

One thing from the study worth noting is out of all the cities ranked, most of the top 100 cities had  LESS than 100,000 people, meaning typically, the smaller the town or city, the higher they tended to rank. Of the top 100, all but 10 cities had less than 100,000 people, meaning Evansville was among the 10 biggest cities to receive a top 100 ranking!

This is great news for our community. We live in a great area, where two of our cities were recognized as being a great place for first responders to live and work. My husband is a Paramedic, so I'm happy to hear we live in a place where his career is appreciated!

Recently he did a run on a family member of a friend, who happened to be there at the time and snapped this photo of Sam in action!

Photo Credit: Chris W
Photo Credit: Chris W
















A huge thank you to all first responders in our community! Our community is a much safer place to live because of the work you all do.

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