So, you got a COVID vaccine. Great! You're one step closer to getting back to some sort of normalcy. Now, keep it to yourself.

Let me clarify a bit. Feel free to tell your friends, family, whoever, just be careful of how you share the news on social media. Show off your "I Got Vaccinated" sticker, or the band-aid covering the spot on your arm where you got injected, or just simply type it out in a status update. What you don't want to do is share a picture of you holding up the vaccination card you received after getting the shot. The reason being, according to the Better Business Bureau, is that it has a few pieces of personal info on it like your name, birthdate, and where you got your vaccine. All of which can be used by hackers and scammers to access other personal information and steal your identity.

Outside of the other ways I mentioned to share the good news, the Better Business Bureau suggests you also double-check the security settings on your profile. If you only want friends and family to see it, or only specific people on your friends list, set that way. Don't have it set on public where anyone and everyone can see it. Facebook gives you the opportunity to change that setting on a post-by-post basis with a couple clicks or taps.

Ryan O'Bryan via Facebook
Ryan O'Bryan via Facebook

The BBB also encourages you to be mindful of social media trends like sharing the favorite car you owned, pets names, favorite TV show or movie, etc. as many people (maybe even you) use those in their passwords because they're easy to remember.

If you haven't received your vaccine yet, don't worry, neither have I, but as soon as I'm able to, I will. And you better believe I'll let everyone know, but I'll make sure I'm do it in a way that doesn't get me in trouble somewhere down the road.

[Source: Better Business Bureau]

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