Over the weekend, we moved into a new home and because the house was a wreck the majority of the weekend, we ate out a few times over the last few days.The crowds at fast food places any more are unbelievable and just this morning, Leslie and I found out what the greatest food in human history is....and you won't believe it. According to an article in the New York Post, the website 'Freakonomics' says the greatest food in human history is the McDonald's McDouble, which by the way has some nutritional value, giving you 50% of your daily protein requirement and 20% of your daily calcium....who knew???


Back to the question of whether we eat too much fast food, let's look at how much of certain items are sold every single second in this country:

  • McDonald's sells 17 Big Macs every second and 7 Happy Meals...whoa!
  • Taco Bell sells 13 Doritos Locos Tacos every second, which is about half a billion since their launch last year.
  • White Castle sells about 16 'Sliders' per second, which is on pace with the Big Mac....two of each every time you blink!
  • Subway sells about 9 turkey subs per second, which totaled about 2 billion last year, or about ten times the number of cars that exist in the country....yikes!!!

KFC and Pizza Hut also posted some pretty big numbers, which you can see in the below video.

Fast food is quick, convenient and reasonably priced, which is important in today's fast paced world, but I think we can all agree that eating fast food in moderation is probably alright for most, but if the numbers above mean anything, we are going well above moderation.

Fast food is like any other indulgence, it really comes down to the choices we make for ourselves and what works best for one, may not work so well for others. Fast food should certainly NOT be legislated, but you have to admit, those numbers are pretty shocking and should be food for thought...no pun intended.