There is one thing that most guys never want to experience and that is looking foolish or looking like a girl or worse yet, looking like a foolish girl! There are just some things in life that make it tough for a guy to look like a guy. Take, for example, things you eat and in particular, a cupcake. Is there a way for a guy to eat a cupcake without looking foolish? YES! Most guys look pretty macho eating with their hands. We pick food up with our hands and shove it into our piehole... macho, right? Not if you're eating a cupcake. Sometimes we don't want to look macho, we just don't want to look foolish and cupcakes can make guys look foolish.

This video demonstrates the proper way to eat a cupcake like the gentleman we all strive to be. So, guys, get your cupcake, put it on a plate and watch the video. Finish and repeat several times. You're welcome.