The Super Bowl is later this afternoon around 5:30 and you are probably in the process of putting your food items together right now. Chicken wings are a staple at any party, but for the Super Bowl in particular. The only down side to chicken wings is making sure you get all the meat off the bones and those pesky middle bones are always in the way, aren't they? You know, having to strategically eat the meat from between those two small bones - it's maddening! How would you like to be able to get just the meat and completely in tact without the bones? This is assuming of course you do not have boneless wings. DUH!

Well, this video will show you exactly how to get rid of the bones, leaving nothing but that big, juicy hunk of meat smothered in whatever sauce you happen to fancy. This is totally worth watching and is really quite awesome. It's simple and it works. See for yourself and enjoy the game and your wings. GO NINERS!!!