We are still three months away from the annual West Side Nut Club's Fall Festival, which officially starts on October 1st. However, the question of healthier food choices has come up for this year's week of gastronomical delights.

After all, the Fall festival is all about brain sandwiches and anything that can be deep fried like giant tenderloins, Oreos, Snickers and Twinkies - heck, you can even get deep fried Kool-Aid now, which by the way, is totally awesome!

According to an article in the Courier Press, the Nut Club and Deaconess Health System are set to launch a new program this fall that could mean healthier food choices by some of the food vendors at the Fall Festival this year.

Some of the food vendors will be offering what they will call "Wise Choices" that will be food items with no more than 500 calories, 5 grams of saturated fat and 500 milligrams of sodium... oh, and none of these foods can be fried or deep fried.

The goal is to make it easier for people to find healthier alternatives and more of what they might want or even need depending on individual fitness and health concerns. Diabetics for example, would be one group that might find it very difficult to find something at the Festival to eat that would not interfere with their disease without some healthier choices.

Some are very much in favor of the idea, while others are wondering what it would do to their sales. Some vendors like the Vanderburgh Humane Society rely very heavily on their booth's sales over the course of the week which last year totaled about $24,000 for the VHS.

To me, I think most people go to the Fall Festival specifically for the those deep fried goodies that you would certainly never make a habit of eating everyday. Even the most health conscious of us deserve a deep-fried Twinkie once a year...right?

Remember, nobody is twisting your arm to eat anything at the Fall Festival you don't want to, but that being said, what's wrong with a few choices that are a little easier on your digestive system?