Ask any kid from the 90's what the most popular jeans were when we were kids and I would be willing to bet that they say "JNCO's".

For those who don't know what JNCO (pronounced Jean Co)Jeans are (Mellinials) they were basically super wide legged jeans that every kid was dying to have. Looking back, I'm not sure why, but they were cool for some reason.


That being said, 90's nostalgia is once again cool. That's why JNCO's are making a comeback. The only thing is, they are kind of expensive...but can you really put a price on nostalgia?

Yes, yes you can.

These new line of JNCO Jeans sell from $130 for a kind of wide leg to $250 for a super wide leg. If you want to relive the 90's "glory days", you can get yourself a pair of JNCO Jeans now at

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