Dating apps can be a little frustrating, so this guy has decided to take a different route to find himself a girlfriend.

Jeff Gebhart, a 47-year-old man from Kansas City, Kansas (not the same Kansas City as the Kansas City Chiefs) is looking for YOUR help in finding him a girlfriend. He's even willing to pay you $25,000!

Do I have your attention now?

Jeff put up a website called with a video and some info about him.  To sum things up, he is a successful entrepreneur, appears to be in pretty good shape, and he has been in a few long term relationships, but never been married or engaged. Also, he has a dog, Gunner, who will most likely be the deciding vote on the perfect woman.


According to the website, Jeff's friends describe him as: "a lighthearted jackass", "high energy", "positive" and "always has a big smile on his face." Jeff also mentions the kind of girl he is looking for, and a little bit about how he is in a relationship:

In a relationship, I’m supportive, open-minded, generous and fun. Basically, I’m a happy guy with an unbelievable life. I don’t need a person to ‘complete’ me, but I’m looking for a person with qualities that will allow us to complement each other. I’d like to find someone who is fun, easy to spend time with, someone who is confident, driven, shares the same interests as I and has a zest for life. Funny, goofy, and doesn’t take themselves to seriously. Someone who wants to build a life together, take on challenges with me, be a teammate, a kind hearted person who looks out for others. Has similar values, positive attitude, and sociable.

So here's the deal. Jeff will pay you $25,000 to essentially play Cupid, and find him a girlfriend that lasts. After he pays you, he says that he will also make a $25,000 donation to a no-kill animal shelter or another animal charity. (Ladies, he's an animal lover!)

Oh, I should probably mention that there are a couple of stipulations. Women who nominate themselves aren't eligible for the money, and the woman must be in a committed relationship with Jeff for at least 365 days to be compensated.

Here's a little video about Jeff, and his search for a girlfriend:

Think you know the perfect woman for Jeff? You can nominate her here.

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