Want to enjoy some wine without the hangover? You can now do that with Wine Water. There's a product called O.Vine that tastes like wine, but it is entirely nonalcoholic. According to Good Morning America, O.Vine is made from the part of the grape that would normally go to waste during the wine-making process. It has the same antioxidants that are found in wine, the only difference is, there's no alcohol content.

I have known quite a few women who have been pregnant that has craved wine, but couldn't have it due to the alcohol content. One would assume that Wine Water could solve that problem.

CEO of Wine Water Ltd, Anat Levi told Good Morning America that "O.Vine is the perfect match for people that cannot drink alcohol and actually for people that don’t drink water,It’s very refreshing, it’s light, it’s fruity, it’s delicious.'

So what kind of Wine Water does the company offer? Right now, they have red and white-infused water, but O.Vine will be selling alcohol-free chardonnay and cabernet-infused water later this year.

If you're interested in getting your hands on some, they are selling 12 packs online for $69.99. O.Vine products can be purchased online at Beverage Universe by clicking here.

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