Researchers have found a new form of milk that is far more nutritious than a cow's milk, and it comes from something that you would least expect...a cockroach!!!

Many cockroaches

That's right, the next big trend in milk could very well be cockroach milk! Sounds disgusting, right?! Well actually...when you think about it, the fact that we drink any animal milk is pretty disgusting. However, this takes it to a whole new level! According to BGR,

Cockroach milk is absolutely packed with protein, and contains fats and sugars that make it a well-rounded food option. Overall, it provides up to three times as much energy as the most nutritious dairy milk of the same mass.


That's cool and all but it doesn't make the thought of drinking cockroach milk any more appealing. Now if you're brave enough to try it, don't go milking just any cockroach. This "cockroach milk" is only produced by a certain species of cockroach that is found in Hawaii.

So how in the world do you milk a cockroach?! In the words of Ben Stiller in Meet The Parents, "You can milk anything with nipples." Do cockroaches even have those?! I have never gotten close enough to one to see, but if they can be milked, they gotta have them...anyways...

According to BGR, "these particular bugs give birth to live young rather than laying eggs, and they produce a crystalline 'milk' to feed the embryos."

Now, as you might imagine, the process of milking millions and millions of  Hawaiian cockroaches isn't exactly easy. Then again, I am not entirely sure how you milk one...I tried YouTubing it, but no luck on finding out how to milk a cockroach. However, it's apparently possible as  several companies working on bringing it to the market. There are still some tests that need to be ran before it becomes the new almond milk.

Either way, I think cockroach milk is going to be a hard pass for me. Just the thought of someone milking a cockroach sounds disgusting! Although, I might consider taking a swig of it if there was a strawberry or chocolate milk option...

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