Most would think this is common sense, but some still attempt to trek through the water. With some of the Tri-State having 6 inches of rain, with more on the way, it is important to know the dangers of the flood water we have in the area.

While this incident occurred a couple of years ago, it is something that I feel needs to be discussed. Many people underestimate flood waters, not realizing the dangers that come with it. The Boonville Fire Department summed it up well with their closing sentences. These waters are unforgiving. One thing people tend to forget is that floodwater may be deeper and faster flowing than it appears and often contains hidden snags and debris. This could lead to some very unfavorable situation for you.

The same goes for flooded roadways. Just because you drive a big truck, doesn't mean you should travel through a flooded road. If you see a sign that says the road is closed due to flood water, go around. It's much safer to take an alternate route than to chance it and drive through a flooded road. Floodwater can also erode and wash away road surfaces leaving deep holes and uneven surfaces. These things cannot be detected by the eye, as you have know idea what lies beneath the water.

FEMA also warns us of some of the dangers involved in flooding. These statistics are very eye opening, and further solidifies the fact that you should not play around with floodwater.

Keep these things in mind as we have roadways in the Tri-State closed due to the flooding, and with more rain on the way it will only get worse. Also, remember that floodwater is not the same as a swimming pool. The water is moving extremely fast and could lead to serious injury...or worse. Play it safe and avoid these waters at all costs.



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