The other day I heard a new country song called "Sleeves" buy a guy named Jake Rose. After hearing it, it got me thinking, why hasn't anyone thought of this before?!

The song is about having tattoos, specifically "sleeves." It explains why he has these tattoos and describes a few of his tattoos. He says "I wear my heart on my sleeves." Now, I don't have any tattoos, but even I can admit that it is a heck of a concept for a country song!

I'm sure that a lot of people do have sleeve tattoos, and they do get asked why they have so many tattoos. This song is a perfect example of why someone would choose to get tatted up. Every time I hear it, I can't help but thinking out of all of the country songs, why is this just now coming out?


Sometimes it's the most simple concepts that relates to people and we all wonder why we didn't think of that before. Can you think of any examples of songs like that?


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