The Yeti brand has created a well respected reputation for how great their products work, but ever since they lost their patent, other companies have tried to recreate their products. Do they work just as well as Yeti does?

I put this to the test as I noticed that Wal-Mart now Ozark Trial brand rambler has become more and more popular. They started to come out with different colored ramblers and people were naturally attracted to them more than Yeti (which recently released a few different colors themselves). The question remained...did the Ozark Trail brand hold up as well as the Yeti, or was it a cheap knock off? Check out the test video to see:


Retail price for the 30 Yeti Rambler is at $39.99, while you can purchase the 30 oz Ozark Trail Rambler for only $9.74 at Walmart. If you want the name brand, you will be spending about $30 more than you would for the Ozark Trail brand...even though they work the same.

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