We are expecting our first round of winter weather in the Tri-State and things could get nasty in a hurry. If you will be doing any traveling, it might be a good idea to check the condition of your tires. The below video is a Japanese TV commercial for AutoWay tires. The spot starts innocently enough with someone driving at night on a snowy road. Then all of a sudden, a mysterious human figure appears and this spot takes a VERY terrifying turn. Not sure effective this ad will be for selling tires, but it sure gets your attention. There is even a warning to viewers at the beginning of the spot.

I'm telling you, this spot will make you jump out of your skin, which may produce skid marks and I'm not talking about the tires!!! The ad is done entirely in Japanese, but you will certainly get the gist of what is going on even at the end with the computer screen. Watch for yourself below...if you dare. This WILL make you jump.


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