There have a been a few controversial commercials lately, but a new ad from Samsung has men everywhere crying foul. Usually, when the term 'sexist' is used about an ad, it almost always involves women being offended in some way, but the new Samsung ad, called 'Evolutionary Husband' has men very angry about being portrayed as morons. The ad is supposed to be for a new Samsung device, called the Evolution Kit, which when plugged into the back of the TV will turn any Samsung TV into a smart TV, but that message gets completely lost in the spot and you hardly notice what the device is actually for.

The ad starts with a wife entering the room only to find her husband lying on the couch in sloppy clothes, eating with his mouth open, burping, making caveman-like grunting noises and watching a ridiculous cartoon. When she plugs the device into the TV, she begins to fantasize about plugging the same device into her husband, thus transforming him into the most amazing, multitasking husband and father ever.

The fantasy ends when we are brought back to her real husband sitting and farting on the couch...nice.

As you can imagine, men everywhere are angry and say the ad is sexist. We have all seen other 'men are morons' ads, but this one doesn't just suggest men are morons, it basically just flat out says it and the ad has created a firestorm of comments from men on YouTube and Twitter.

In most gender specific ads, there does seem to be a standard formula that portrays women as sex objects and men as idiots. The gender reference is usually pretty subtle, but there is nothing even remotely subtle about this particular ad.

Samsung is just watching how this will all play out and has chosen not to respond, at least not right away. Many men believe Samsung will alienate the very target audience this device is targeted to...MEN! This ad is a perfect example of the shoe being on the other foot, so it will be interesting to see what happens. What do you think?