Out of all the mini golf courses throughout Indiana, which one is the best?

Who doesn't enjoy a nice, fun, competitive, game of mini-golf? I only know one person who would raise their hand at that, but I think that's just because they aren't that good at it. Most everyone has played and has a great time when they putt off alongside family and friends.

There are a lot of miniature golf courses throughout the country that all offer something unique and fun. Indiana alone has so many mini golf options in all parts of the state. It’s hard to pinpoint what the greatest mini golf course would be in the state because that is completely subjective. However, one reputable source has named the best mini golf course in the entire state, and you may be surprised by it.

Christa Brunt
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This is the Best Mini Golf Course in Indiana

Golf.com has a list of the best mini golf course in each state. When it comes to Indiana's, it might be one you have been to a few times in the past, or it could be one you are just now hearing about for the first time. According to Golf.com, the best mini golf course in Indiana is Ninja Golf in Granger.

With three 9-hole courses stitched through Japanese gardens, Ninja Golf is less a place for stealth warriors than it is a sanctuary for meditative putting. Consider it a rare chance to relax as you try to get the ball in the x#@!!!!!-ing hole.

Here's the thing, there's so much more than mini golf here. Check it out!

While this mini golf course does look like a blast, again, saying it's the "best" is subjective. For example, a couple of years ago, Walther’s Golf & Fun on First Avenue in Evansville was named the best mini-golf course in the state of Indiana. Either way, trying out new places like this for family fun in Indiana is always a good thing. Besides, you can't really go wrong with mini golf...unless you're Happy Gilmore.

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