The next few days will be one of the busiest travel times of the year on the roadways and a good time to be reminded how dangerous road rage can be. We have all seen it, and a lot of us have gotten angry ourselves at other drivers who cut us off, ride our bumper, fail to signal or whatever else. Be very careful how you respond to that other driver because you have no idea who they are and what they might be capable of.This video is of an incident that happened in Australia and is one of the scariest road rage incidents I have ever seen. The whole thing was caught on a dashcam that the driver used for exactly this kind of thing which has been on the rise in Australia and certainly here in the U.S.

This video should be good lesson of what to do, or even better, what NOT to do. The terrified driver does everything he can get away from this maniac and no matter what he does, he cannot escape. The maniac rams him multiple times, darts directly in front of him and immediately applies his brakes - causing an accident.

The smartest thing the driver does is not to engage the maniac and make the situation worse, which is exactly what we should all do when dealing with an angry driver. Don't engage them any further, call for help, and try to get yourself safely away from trouble.

The driver does get in touch with authorities and finally makes it to a police station where his car seized up and died right there in the parking area of the police station. This incident lasted for over eight minutes and the video is nothing short of frightening.

If someone tries to engage you on the road...DON'T, it could save your life. Drive safe this holiday season and pay attention... you just never know who else is out there with you.