10 Floats to Kick Off Pool Party Season
Warmer temps mean it’s time to bust out your swimsuits and celebrate that much-missed sunshine at the pool. We’ve collected a pile of the zaniest, most fun floats to show your festive side at the next pool party.
Water Safety Products You Need This Summer
Having a good time in the water is easy, but don't forget to practice water safety too. Make sure you've got what you need to stay prepared and safe whether you're on a boat, at the pool or hanging at the beach.
Watch a 16-Month-Old Baby Swim Across a Pool Better Than You and I
Today is my first day back from a family vacation in St. Augustine, Florida. We spent a lot of time at the resort pool and during one frightening moment, my two-year-old nephew, Max, ran back into the pool after his water wings were removed, which caused three of us to jump up and run to the pool an…
Incredible Rescue – Adult Dog Rescues Puppy In Pool [Video]
If ever there was a video that demonstrated how amazing our pets can be, the below video is it. Have you ever had that feeling that your dog knows exactly what is going on, even though we assume they don't? Our pets are capable of being much more in tune than we give them credit for, especially…