An Indiana couple got the surprise of a lifetime at a recent doctor's visit during their ultrasound.

The purpose of an ultrasound is to check on the health and progress of an unborn baby. When most of us think of a surprising moment at an ultrasound appointment it usually has to do with twins, triplets, or more. This surprise was something entirely different.  This soon-to-be baby girl is clearly seen flashing the peace sign. I've never seen anything like it. Check out the photo below that was posted on the WGN TV Facebook page yesterday. Amazing!

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Kyle Weener, the father of the peaceful fetus told WGN TV about the magical moment,

The tech was looking around, watching things — and all of sudden these two fingers popped right up.

This adorable and demonstrative little bundle of love will be Kyle and Abby Weener's third child. The young couple out of Hammond, Indiana are elated by the ultrasound photo.

It's no surprise that the photo has gotten lots of attention on Facebook. In fact, Wari Muhammed Bey posted an ultrasound photo of his son giving the rock on hand signal from the womb.

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