A few days ago, Warrick County Animal control posted a plea to help find answers for a stray dog who was found with terrible damage to her paws, and need help with her vet bills! 

Photo Credit: Warrick County Animal Control
Photo Credit: Warrick County Animal Control

I wish this was a happy story. Unfortunately it is not, if there is any positive I can pull from this is that this sweet girl is at least in a place where she is safe and being treated for her wounds.

Warrick County Animal Control recieved a female blue & white Pit Bull last week, she had terrible damage to all 4 of her paws, and some paws even had toes completely missing.  They need help getting the word out, and hopefully the monster who did this will be brought to justice.  If someone is capable of hurting an animal in this manner, we need them to be caught.

Here's what Warrick County Animal Control has to say:

IF ANYONE HAS ANY INFORMATION ON WHAT HAPPENED TO THIS DOG PLEASE CONTACT US 812-897-6107! Stray-Pitbull, Blue with White, Female, not spayed. Found in Chandler. Injured and currently at vets office. This poor dog has MAJOR damage to all four feet. Some toes are completely missing. She will be at the vet until at least Monday. She is having trouble walking, in a lot of pain, ulcers/blisters, missing skin, etc. The pictures are graphic and will be posted in this thread if you care to look. We will need funds to treat her. Please call Warrick Veterinary Clinic directly at 812-897-4855 or make a donation to wagtreasurer@gmail.com.

I'm including the facebook post below, you can tell this sweet girl is scared and has been through a lot. If you can help, please donate to her, and if you have any information be sure to contact them.



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