The Vanderburgh Humane Society is asking for your help in purchasing a new washing machine so they can continue to keep towels and bedding for the animals in their care so fresh and so clean clean.

After 11 years, Humane Society's washing machine finally bit the dust, and replacing it won't be cheap. See, due to the high volume of laundry they go through, they can't just run to Lowes or Home Depot and pick up new machine for $400 to $500. They need an industrial sized washer like I assume you'd find at a hotel. They also use a large amount of bleach to help eliminate diseases and bacteria the animals can carry. Over time, the bleach eats away at rubber seals and other parts within the machine causing it to malfunction.

According to the VHS, they do eight to ten full loads of laundry PER DAY, 365 days a year (and you thought laundry day at your house was exhausting).

The new machine they're hoping to purchase is 100-percent stainless steel and has the capability of laundering 45 pounds at a time. It also costs $10,100. That's where you come in.

A fundraising account has been set up through the crowd funding website, First, allowing you to help make sure all the puppies and kitty cats have clean laundry to sleep and play on.

As of July 27th, they were still well short of their goal.

To make a donation, simply visit their page at First Giving, and donate any amount your comfortable getting. The account will remain open until November 8th, 2016.

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