If your a sucker for an adorable kitten (find me one that's NOT adorable), then you'll no doubt want to stop by the Vanderburgh Humane Society's second annual "Kitten Shower" on Saturday, June 6th.

This time of year sees an increased number of kitten births, and with the average litter of kittens ranging anywhere between three and five, the number of unwanted cats can pile up on the doorstep of the Humane Society quickly. That's where you can help out.

Over 50 kittens have already been surrendered according to the VHS, some of which are with their mothers, others without. Some are weaned, others are still nursing. Regardless of the situation the number of kittens entering the shelter drains financial resources, staff, volunteer time, foster home space, and cage space. The current number of felines in their care is rapidly approaching 150.

The "Kitten Shower" will take place from 1:00 to 4:00 p.m. and will feature a baby shower theme complete with refreshments and games, the opportunity to help staff come up with creative names for future litters, as well as bottle-feeding demonstrations; and the chance to meet our newest and smallest shelter kittens before they go up for adoption.

Admission is free, but guests who bring a bag of Purina Kitten Chow or an unopened bag of scoopable cat litter will be eligible to win prizes!

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