Hiring a photographer for your wedding is one of the most important decisions for your big day, but before you do, make sure how you want it photographed is legal. Wait....what? One of the hottest fads right now for wedding photography is the use of drones for spectacular overhead views. The problem is that the use of drones for this type of photography is illegal, at least according to the Federal Aviation Administration.

The FAA says you can only fly for recreational purposes or as a hobby.  Anything beyond that requires FAA approval.  Drones and the use of drones has become a huge hot-button topic as of late, especially where privacy laws are concerned, but if you think you can use a drone or model aircraft of some sort to film your wedding or other personal event.....think again.

The biggest concern is obviously about safety. What if the very drone you commissioned for your own wedding crashes right into the middle of your reception? You guessed it....big trouble, not to mention potential lawsuits from your guests, neighbors or worse, the government.

To be honest, I had no idea this was even being done, let alone the newest fad because on paper it sounds like a really cool idea, but in reality, not so much...who knew??  Click the AOL hyperlink below for a video explanation.


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