It might be the most frequently used location in the state of Missouri for weddings and it lies hundreds of feet below the ground. It's a cave that seemingly marriages were meant for.

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My family has visited the Missouri Bridal Cave in Camdenton before and it's obviously an interesting destination no matter if you're getting married or not. I saw a video shared by the Kansas City Star that says more than 4,000 couples have exchanged their vows there. Even though I'm not a math genius, I know that's a lot of people and a lot of love.

The Travel which is a national travel website (duh) even mentioned the Missouri Bridal Cave for its notorious (in a good way) marrying reputation.

The official Missouri Bridal Cave website offers many different packages for having a wedding or even renewal of vows there varying from $495 to $695 packages. (Pro Tip: best to not go the bargain route for a wedding ceremony...or else)

By the way, the wedding with the underground violinist (a nice touch) can be seen here.

I also noticed that the Missouri Bridal Cave offered a lakeside option a few years ago if the cave thing is a bit much for you.

It's one of the more unique attractions you'll see in Missouri no matter if you're the marrying kind or not.

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