About a week ago, I shared a story about the coolest gas station bathrooms I've ever seen! Located right here in Kentucky, select HOP Shops convenience stores are home to "disco bathrooms" that have gone viral on the internet, radio, and now major television networks are showing some love to this lavatory experience. Here's Jimmy Fallon himself talking about them on The Tonight Show. Hilarious!

As Jimmy said, these bathrooms have big red buttons with signs that say "Do not push this red button" with a winky face emoji. Of course, you gotta push it! When you do, the lights turn off, a disco ball starts to turn, laser lights get to poppin', and music by ABBA or Donna Summers plays so you can boogie in the bathroom before or after doing your business.

Here's where you can find these "Disco Bathrooms" and see what happens when you push the red button. https://wbkr.com/best-kentucky-gas-station-restrooms/

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This coming Valentine's Day 2024, HOP Shops will host their most romantic event to date when two lovebirds, Tiana Ailstock and Logen Abney, get married at their Verona, KY location at 2832 Verona-Mudlick Rd, Verona, KY 41092.

Dearly beloved, we are gathered here today to witness the union of Tiana Ailstock and Logen Abeny. Love has brought them together in a most unique way, and on Valentine’s Day, February 14th, they embark on a journey that begins with a ceremony and their first dance in our disco bathroom. As we celebrate their love, let us join our hearts and minds in this joyous occasion.

To have and to hold from this day forward, through disco beats and quiet moments, in sickness and health, and to hop through life together in love.

From the first dance in HOP Shops disco bathroom, I vow to hop through life with you. Through the funky beats and mellow melodies, I promise to be your partner in every rhythm of life, embracing our journey with love and laughter.

You may now “Push the RED Button”, kiss and start this disco-infused Ribbiting journey with your first disco wedding dance!

HOP Shops Facebook
HOP Shops Facebook


The press release which also doubles as an invitation describes the ceremony, "Buckle up for a love-filled adventure as HOP Shops transforms its bathrooms into a disco haven for a couple set to tie the knot. With vibrant colors, glittering disco balls, and a pulsating beat, this Valentine’s Day celebration promises to be a wedding like no other."

Honestly, it's pretty darn amazing if you ask me. Imagine being able to turn your ceremony venue into your reception venue with just the push of a red button!  Then, the newlyweds can gas their car up, grab some snacks, and just head off to their honeymoon.

HOP Shops Youtube
HOP Shops Youtube

HOP Shops is a Valor Oil company which is actually headquartered in Owensboro, KY. They are planning renovations to the Hawesway 60 Truck Plaza here in Daviess County and including in those updates is...drum roll please...a Disco Bathroom!! So get excited dancing queens!


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