we just brought you the story of the peaceful protest outside of Evansville's Animal Control to show support for the rescues, and fosters that had to turn over 21 dogs back to their abuser. An injunction has now blocked the return of those dogs! 


According to our friends at Eyewitness news, the injunction will prevent the 21 dogs from being returned to Martha Crosley, the woman who plead guilty to 5 counts of animal cruelty. On Friday she was granted back the 21 dogs she didn't sign over to the rescue. and injunction will now prevent that from happening, temporarily. A press confrence will be held at 2:45.
In February a woman was charged in a dog hoarding case, and had 68 dogs pulled from her residence. On Friday after a very publicized hearing, 21 of those dogs are being sent back to their legal owner.  Dozens of animal rescuers and supporters are at Evansville Animal control showing their support for the rescues, and the fosters who have to give back dogs they've come to love.


Many of these dogs came to local rescues sick, and not in good health. Many of the rescues and humane societies in town came together to take on the mass influx of dogs. Many of these dogs have been living in foster homes where they have become beloved family members for the last 5 months.  Today these fosters have to take the dogs back to the place they came from. Many described the living conditions of the dogs previously as deplorable.


For the last 5 months rescues all across town have taken care of these dogs not knowing their fate, because they were stuck in a legal battle.

Martha Crosley was charged with animal cruelty after 68 dogs were taken from her care in February. She was sentenced on Friday to 100 hours of community service, and a Vanderburgh County Judge ruled that 21 dogs would be returned to her.

Today is the day many local rescues have been dreading. The day that 21 dogs are being returned to their legal owner. The fate of these dogs is still uncertain, but one thing is for sure, this animal "sanctuary" will be very closely monitored.

Today the 21 dogs are going to the vet, getting all checked up, and will be closely monitored.

If you'd like to stop by to show your support, you can stop by Evansville animal Care and Control today from 10-5, many people told me they wanted to be there for when the fosters have to come and give up their furry friends that they've come to love these last 5 months. Another way to help, is signing this petition.

My heart is broken for these animals, and the rescuers who have worked tirelessly to do all they can. I will keep you updated of any new information as I hear it.

At the protest I met up with Misty from the Vanderburgh Humane Society, here's what she had to say: