Times are tough these days and some bad things are happening in today's world and sometimes we need someone to inspire us and help put things into perspective. We all have fears and challenges in life and some are much greater than others and how we choose to face those fears and challenges is what will define us. The young ladies in the below videos are shining examples of inspiration. The first video shows us a nine-year-old 4th grade girl who stared one of her biggest fears right in the face and beat it by making her very first ski jump. A moment she will always remember and a moment that will give you a very good feeling.

The second video shows a young lady who is a paraplegic and confined to a wheelchair. One of her biggest dreams was to be able to bungee jump and with the help of the 9Lives organization in Canada, she was able to realize that dream and bungee jumped in her wheelchair.

9Lives is an organization that helps people with accessibility challenges realize the obstacles they face so they can 'shatter' them. Enjoy these videos and thank you ladies, we needed that.