Bill Cosby once said during a performance that he was told the best way to describe to men what childbirth feels like is to pull your bottom lip up over your head. I have said many times on the air that women are the superior gender and my reason for that has a lot to do with childbirth. As men, we cannot possibly know how painful and uncomfortable delivering a child must be for women, but there is now a way for us to get a pretty good idea.

Two Dutch TV hosts, Dennis Storm and Valerio Zeno decided to find out what childbirth feels like. The guys are hooked up to a machine that administers electroshocks that mimic childbirth.

The results are hilarious and painful to watch at the same time. One of the guys can't take it anymore and gives up...the other stays with it. I was doubled over watching this - see for yourself below. It is in Dutch and there are English subtitles. Ladies, we bow to your greatness.


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