I saw this video and absolutely cracked up laughing for about 10 minutes. The woman in the video is Kara, whose husband Jayson has been an autocross driver for a few years. Jayson had been begging Kara to ride with him, but she was too scared. As an anniversary present, Kara finally said she would ride with Jayson. Autocross is all about skill-driving around a very difficult course full of turns and sudden stops. The max speed is usually around 60 mph and some may think it looks slow on video, but far from it as Kara was about to find out.

Watch Kara's facial expressions through the run, in particular, her eyes. Her eyes are literally popping out of her head because of the rigors of the course. She actually reminds me of one of Jeff Dunham's favorite characters, 'Achmed the Dead Terrorist'.

This video is hysterical and after it was over, Kara said she would never do it again. See for yourself.