I can just hear some of my male counterparts screaming as they read this, but there really is something to this. Women have not enjoyed equality in the workplace, especially in leadership positions for decades. A new study says that women are more effective workplace leaders than men and they back it up with numbers. In Fortune 500 companies, only 14-percent of executive officers are women and only 17-percent hold seats on the board of directors.

The "International Journal of Business Governance and Ethics" conducted the study and says that women on company boards means bigger bottom line returns. The more women on the board, the greater the return according to the research. The study surveyed more than 600 board members at various companies, 75-percent of which were male.

When it comes to decision making, women are more inclined to consider the rights of others in order to arrive at a more fair decision that will benefit the greater good of everyone who would be most affected by those decisions. When facing tough decisions, women tend to ask more questions than men and want to consider a broader range of solutions to specific issues.

Men tend to make decisions based more on a company's rules, policies and procedures and old-school thinking than women do. The study also says that women are much more willing and likely to 'rock the boat' a little, which I completely agree with.

My boss is a female and my wife runs a home health agency and they are both very effective leaders who think outside the box......and I'm not not just saying that to get a raise or to avoid sleeping the couch...I truly mean it and as a rule, would prefer working for a female....really.

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