The coronavirus COVID-19 has changed so many things. Our normal is all screwed up. Even the way we simply greet each other is being halted and scrutinized. What if, after all of this is over and we can be together again, we are unsure how to properly greet each other.

Let's say hand shakes are now deemed a gross and dangerous way to greet one another? What if we can no longer give him fives? Or, worse yet, what if you go to hug someone and they look at you like you are insane? (Well, that does happen to me sometimes already. I'm a hugger. I will hug anybody.) But, if we can't do any of theses things, what will we do instead?

Ryan and I asked YOU for your ideas of what to do instead of shaking hands on our daily Facebook Q Crew Question of the Day and the results are hilarious. From the looks of your future greeting suggestions, we are in for some crazy and fun times ahead.


Tristate Suggests Alternatives To Shaking Hands

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