I am fresh off my holiday break. I save up my vacation time throughout the year and am lucky enough to take a couple weeks off to decompress and let go of everything work-related. Part of my "treatment" is to watch a lot of mind-numbing TV. Hello, did anyone else know Jane the Virgin is really good and has like eight-zillion episodes? Late to the party, per usual. Anyway, during one of my Jane binges this week, I turned on the old Netflix and noticed there was something different.

Hmm Tidying Up with Marie Kondo. Ok, I'll bite. It was a thing of pure joy. This tiny lady named Marie goes into normal people's homes and helps them declutter and clean up using her method. Basically, if you hold something and it doesn't spark joy the way you feel about a new puppy then it's time to go. I won't spoil all the rest of the secrets for you - she explains it way better than me but after one episode (I had many opinions about the couple - watch and you'll have them too) I was throwing stuff out like a MAD WOMAN! I took eight trash bags, one leaf bag, and three boxes full of stuff out of my upstairs for disposal. I'm so proud of myself and that was ONE episode.

The second episode featured an older couple who had been collecting things for many years. And by collecting, I mean it was piling into mountains. But, they cleaned it up! Their mess was way bigger than mine and they got it done. I can too!

Anyway, so I thought, "I am so inspired even though I think sitting in the foyer floor and silently thanking the house for five minutes in a group is kind of weird. But who other than me wants to watch people clean?" But it turns out a LOT of people are! I put a post on Facebook and I had several people commented about their big clean outs!

So, let's see your pics! Trash bags, clothes folded neatly where you can see them, and a feeling of peace and tranquility! Oh, and if you are looking for a place to take your unwanted items, here are some ideas.

If you have never heard of Poshmark, you are missing out. It's a consignment site where you can sell anything from clothing to accessories to shoes. I've sold a couple of things on here. The only problem is that (sad face) shipping is $6.49 on all items and automatically added to the cost of each item. And, $3 of the seller's money goes to Poshmark. So, it's really only worth it to list really nice name brand items, vintage items, and expensive items. Who wants to pay $6.49 shipping for a basic white T that might or might not fit, ya know? I have purchased a few new items on here - usually after Christmas. Anyway, the app to list items is really easy to use and it's kind of fun when you make a sale! Sign up with code KRICKETT8 to get $5 off your first order.

This place is HUGE! They have everything from clothing to household items and though it's a non-profit, you can consign your items. You may bring in one 13-gallon white trash bag full of clothing and one medium size box of household items, shoes, or purses, per day: Monday-Friday from 9 A to 3 P. They will go over their consignment procedures with you. Then, go shopping while you are there!

3. Consignment Stores

Want to make a little cash on your clothes? Just make sure they are clean, wrinkle free, and meet the specific guidelines for your consignment store of choice. Some require they be on certain hangers. Some will pay cash on spot. Most will only take a few items (because clothing is plentiful) so don't get your feelings hurt if they don't take many items!
Karen's Upscale Resale
Molly's Upscale Consignment Boutique
Style Encore
Plato's Closet Evansville 
AnnaLe's Twice Chosen Bridal Consignment
2nd Hand Chic

4. Donation Sites

Ready for the clutter to be gone? Donate your gently worn items to one of these thrift stores. And, if it's too bad to be donated, recycle it.

5. Host a Garage Sale

This is probably the most labor-intensive and you'll have to price the items pretty low but at the end of the day when your stuff is all cleared out, you'll be so happy you did it!

Did I miss your favorite resale or thrift shop? Send me a link here! 

Furniture and Housewares: 

Homedaubers in Newburgh (this is my favorite home goods consignment store in the area. The owner Gloria is so nice!)

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