On a warm July night, Haynies Corner will be full of cars, motorcycles, and live music, all for a good cause!

Photo by Mark Duffel on Unsplash
Photo by Mark Duffel on Unsplash

Pacemakers Car Club of Evansville

There's a new car club in Evansville called the Pacemakers Car Club.  I first heard of it because my dad is a member, and when he told me he was in the pacemakers club, I was very confused because to my knowledge he did not have a pacemaker.  Turns out he meant pacemaker in the car sense and not the heart sense.  According to a post from the Pacemakers Car Club Facebook page, in the 1960s there was actually a Pacemakers Car Club in Evansville, so when forming this new club they decided to reprise the old name, which is pretty cool!

A group of automobile enthusiasts in the Evansville, Indiana area. 1980 and older models - Pacemakers Car Club
I was raised going to car shows with my dad so you know I've gotta share a photo of his car here! Below you'll see Papa T's 1969 Mach 1 Mustang.
Tracy T.
Tracy T.

Hot Rods at Haynies

On Saturday, July 20th the Pacemakers Car Club will be hosting a really fun event that's open to the public. Hot Rods at Haynies will take place from 4-9 PM and all donations and proceeds will go to Daisy's New Beginnings. Daisy's New Beginnings is a local nonprofit that helps local shelters pay for medical expenses for animals in their care.

Come join the newly formed Pacemakers Car Club of Evansville for a night of cool cars, motorcycles, and good music! We will block off the streets around historic Haynie's Corner and fill it with great people and cool rides.  Open to all makes and models.

During the event, there will be live music from the Stackin' Eights.

If you'd like more information on Hot Rods at Haynies, you can contact Brandt Greer at (812)319-1998 or Dave Gillihan at (812)431-1669.

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