Halloween may be months away, but it's never too early to get your spooky on. One Indiana town is hosting ghost walks every weekend through October.


A Quaint Town with a Lot of History

New Harmony, Indiana is a small town with a lot of history.  New Harmony is a national historic landmark and was first settled over 200 years ago.

Settled in 1814, New Harmony was first a spiritual sanctuary for the Harmonie Society and then a haven for international scientists and scholars led by Robert Owen in 1825.

With a history dating back more than two centuries ago, you know there has to be some interesting history surrounding this town.  Not to mention all of the legends that surround a town that dates back to the early 1800s.


Haunted New Harmony

Haunted New Harmony has a passion for sharing chilling tales and ghost stories from the New Harmony area.  Besides hosting their ghost walks, Haunted New Harmony also frequently hosts ghost walks. And now ghost walks are officially back on every weekend from now through October!

Warmer Weather Means Spooky Tours Are Back

If you want to enjoy a Haunted New Harmony Ghost Walk, there are a few different ghost walk tour options.  Below is Haunted New Harmony's description of each ghost walk.

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The Church Street Ghost Walk

NEW GHOST WALK! We will bring you from Thrall’s Opera House, where the ghosts from the past still linger, all the way down to the abandoned Harmony Way Bridge and all the places in between. Learn about the peculiar haunting at the social club, as well as legends about hidden tunnels beneath the town. This Ghost Walk is 90 minutes long and meets in front of Thrall’s Opera House

The Main Street Ghost Walk

NEW for this year! We’ve revamped our Original Spooky Walk and have added new locations and new stories! This ghost walk leans heavily on the history and provides interesting stories, as well as ghost stories, of course. Learn about the site of the country’s first Kindergarten, as well as the haunting at the old firehouse. This Ghost Walk meets at the corner of Church and Main Streets at the half-round bench.

The Dark Side Ghost Walk

Welcome to the Dark Side! Take a walk with us on the dark side of town where the stories get even more intriguing. Learn about the haunting at the Red Geranium Restaurant and walk through the intriguing Roofless Church at night. We’ll also visit many other locations, including the Harmonist Cemetery and the David Lenz house, where the ghosts just might knock at you. This Ghost Walk meets on the corner of Church and Main Streets (at the rounded stone bench).

If you want to take a Haunted New Harmony Ghost Walk, they are going on every weekend through October, to see the full schedule, and get your tickets, click here. 

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