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There's been a lot of talks lately about UFOs, so what exactly is a UFO?  UFO stands for "unidentified flying object"  Dictionary.com defines UFO as:

unidentified flying object: any unexplained moving object observed in the sky, especially one assumed by some observers to be of extraterrestrial origin

Have you ever looked up in the sky and seen something that just didn't look right?  Well, it's very possible you saw a UFO.


National UFO Reporting Center

Did you know that there is a National UFO Reporting Center?  It's true! The National UFO Reporting Center or NUFORC has been around since the 1970s, and they've dedicated their time to fielding reports of UFOs and categorizing them.

The National UFO Reporting Center was founded in 1974 by noted UFO investigator Robert J. Gribble. The Center’s primary function over the past four decades has been to receive, record, and to the greatest degree possible, corroborate and document reports from individuals who have been witness to unusual, possibly UFO-related events.  Throughout its history, the Center has processed over 150,000 reports, and has distributed its information to thousands of individuals.

You can even go online and see these reports through the NUFORC database, and let me tell you there have been a TON of UFO sightings over the years.


UFOs Over Indiana

I decided to check out the NUFORC database for UFO sightings for Indiana and Kentucky, and my goodness there were a TON.  So let's start with Indiana.

In Indiana, the NUFORC has 2,632 UFO reportings for the state.  These UFO reportings date all the way back to 1965 with the most recent UFO sighting reported on February 15, 2023, in Indianapolis.   The report says "I walked out of the school and was watching a plane and noticed something smaller fly past it heading the opposite direction."  The post even has photos, which you can see here.

When combing through the Indiana database, there are several sightings from Evansville and Newburgh too, which I found fascinating.  You can see the Indiana UFO reportings, here. 


UFOs Over Kentucky

The NUFORC has a database of 1,643 UFO reportings over the state of Kentucky.  The most recent UFO report for Kentucky was reported on March 4th, 2023 over Murray, Kentucky. You can check out the list of Kentucky UFO reportings, here.

How to Report a UFO

If you see something in the sky and it doesn't quite seem right, you can always report it to the NUFORC.  Just head over to their website, NUFORC.org, and click "file a report" this will take you to a page with all of the prompts you need to report your sighting.

This database from the NUFORC is absolutely fascinating, and clicking through there are some seriously eerie photos of sightings.  You can see the database, here.

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