The "Secret Sister Gift Exchange" is back on Facebook and authorities are asking that folks not fall for this scam. In case you aren't familiar with the "Secret Sister Gift Exchange" on Facebook, here's what the post will say:

SECRET SISTER is back! I am looking for 6 or more ladies interested in a holiday gift exchange. Doesn’t matter where you live - you are welcome to join. You have to buy one gift valued of at least $10 and send it to your secret sis. (Hello, Amazon!) you will then receive 6-36 gifts in return. This is so much fun! I loved sending a gift to a complete stranger knowing that she would have a bright spot in her day because of what I sent. Let me know if you’re interested, and I will send you information about your sister. We could all use some happy mail! Who’s in? I tagged a few I thought might be interested, but anyone is welcome to join the fun! Just comment “I’m in” 

So why are authorities asking for you not to fall for it? Well, that's quite simple. It's because it is ILLEGAL. According to our media partners, Eyewitness News, "United States Post Office regulations are very clear about pyramid schemes, and these gifts are being sent through the mail."

Another problem with this pyramid scheme is that you are putting your personal information out there on social media. Not only does it violate Facebook's terms of agreement, which could cause them to block your account, but it could easily lead to hackers getting your personal information. All they would have to do is just search "Secret Sister" and scroll through the comments to find your address and such.

So if you want to do something like this, just invite your "sisters" over for a nice Dirty Santa gift exchange party and watch the fun unfold. It's much better than the alternative.


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