Disclaimer: I am not interested in political things and I don't intend this to be anything like that. However, I am interested when the government does things that are funny. I'm hoping that's the case with this. They spent money to reassure you that birds are real. Really.

I saw CNET mention this. It's based on a real tweet (bird irony?) from the US Consumer Product Safety Commission. See for yourself.

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Think about this for a second. Someone in a government agency working on the clock (meaning: you're paying them) took time to type the words "Birds are real" into a Twitter share. Was it a lot of money? Probably not. Should we have devoted even a few cents to this effort? Questionable.

Why debate a fact that most of us consider FACTS? There is a real Gen-Z conspiracy theory that birds aren't real and are just drones the government is using to spy on us. I wish I was kidding. I have to believe this is Gen-Z just having some fun with us or at least I hope.

To be fair, there is a drone bird company (really).

The good news is that this birds aren't real thing really is a satire meaning I should be laughing right now. The problem is I'm still thinking about that government employee that spent my tax dollars (or cents) typing that tweet. I suppose I should be happy. If the government was doing this then maybe they're spending less time doing something really diabolical.

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