I was born and raised in Missouri and I thought I knew just about everything you could know about the Gateway Arch. I was obviously wrong. I have just learned that there is a secret that was placed at the top of the Arch and only a few builders know about it.

Kudos to KSDK in St. Louis for this gem about the Gateway Arch. They shared a story on the anniversary of the Arch a few years ago, but somehow I didn't pick up on it...until now.  According to some of the original builders, there's a secret time capsule that was welded to the top of the Gateway Arch when it was originally constructed in the mid-1960's.

It reportedly contains a staggering 700,000 signatures from school children in the St. Louis area back during that time.

That just adds to the mystique of this midwestern icon. A few weeks ago, we shared a story about how the builders of the Gateway Arch thought it might be able to control the weather. That was a story that originated at the Gateway Arch website.

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If you happened to attend school in or near St. Louis in the 1960's, perhaps you secretly participated in this. What an anecdotal story to drop into conversation about how your signature exists overlooking the gateway to the west.

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