The French Fry has a long, and in some cases, controversial, history. If you want to know the full story, a June 24th, 2020 article from Corey Williams on explains it pretty well in full detail, but I'll give you a quick, condensed version. Potatoes were introduced to Belgium in the 1700s by Spanish forces who brought them into the country when Spain controlled a large portion of it. At the time, the people of Belgium were cutting their fish into thin strips and frying it. During the winter, when the rivers froze over, and it was far more difficult, if not impossible, to catch fish, they took applied the same cooking technique to potatoes. Then why not call them, Belgium Fries? Despite being controlled by Spain, the majority of the population spoke French. Boom. French Fries.

Regardless of however, whenever, and whoever invented them, they have become a staple of food lovers everywhere across the globe ever since. Mainly served as a side dish with hamburgers or sandwiches here in the states, the french fry has started to find itself as an entreé in many restaurants over the years, likely inspired by our neighbors to the north in Canada who have been topping a bed of french fries with cheese curds and brown gravy, and calling it Poutine for decades. Whether you prefer your fries smothered with toppings, or you like dipping them in your sauce of choice, where you get those fries is just as important as to how you eat them, if not more so. Because we can all agree, if the french fry isn't good, how you eat it won't matter.

We asked you on our Facebook page to tell us who you think has the best fries in the Tri-State. And, like any time we ask you to tell us your favorite place for any type of food, you made your opinion loud and clear. Here's where you said everyone should go when they need their french fry fix.

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The 12 Best Places for French Fries in the Tri-State

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