Have you ever had a text message messed up by autocorrect?  This one was a big oops! 

If you have a smart phone chances are your life has at one point in time been ruined by autocorrect. It happened to me today. And it all started thanks to a smart smoke alarm...

Technology today has gotten out of control, everything is smart, smart car, smart phone, smart thermostat, smart.....smoke alarm?

I have one of those, it's actually pretty cool because anytime my smoke alarm goes off, it sends an alert to both my phone and my husband's phone. Which is great. Knock on wood, we haven't gotten any alerts...until today!

I came home for lunch and we were out of like everything, so I found some turkey bacon and a couple eggs in the fridge and figured breakfast for lunch  it is. Only problem is, I'm impatient, and a really bad cook. I cook everything on high and show no mercy.

Cue the smoke alarm.

When the smoke alarm went off, so did my phone, you know with the alert we set up.  That's when I realized "CRAP! This means Sam's phone is going off too! So I quickly grabbed up my phone to text him to let him know that no worries everything is fine and that's when autocorrect ruined my life


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