Driving is hard enough anymore and there is nothing more irritating than dealing with things other drivers are doing that they should not be doing. The folks at cars.com and yahoo news put togther a list of the 10 most annoying things other drivers do. 

10. Dangerous loads improperly secured

How often have you been zipping along at 7omph when some guy in a very small pick up truck goes PAST you with a mountain of stuff secured only by a bungee cord and the driver's left hand. The laws of physics are pretty clear. If you have something in the back that does not fit, get some help or at least some advice before you hit the road.

9. Not Acknowledging making a mistake or overreacting to an honest mistake

We all make mistakes and sometimes someone will pull out in front of you without seeing you thus, causing you to spill your skinny vanilla latte in your lap. The other guy just made mistake that you have probably made and it's fine to honk your horn for safety reasons, but there is no need to flash the one finger salute especially, if they hold their hand up acknowledging their mistake. My favorite is when someone does something stupid and then lets you have it because they are too embarrassed to admit their mistake. What a tool.

8. Staying in the far left lane

The left lane is generally for passing only, so stay out of it!! Keep in mind that if you are cruising along in the left lane, everyone else has to go your speed or pass you unsafely on the right. If you stay in the left lane, at least check your mirror to make sure nobody is flying up behind you. Sometimes people actually have reasons for going a little faster. Maybe they forgot to tevo Jersey Shore for example....that is certainly a reason to get home faster.....NOT!!!

7. Taking two spaces in a parking lot

People who do this are some of the most ignorant, self  loving people alive and they should be forced to sit in a room watchig Rebecca Black videos for 24 hours straight! So, if you have a car that has to be protected, go to the far end of the lot against the wall and just inconvenience yourself and not all of us.

6. Faulty equipment

Properly functioning equipment is as much for everyone's safety as much as your own. If your brake lights, tail lights and turn indicators are not working, get them fixed. Anything you fail to repair could be costly to everyone sharing the road with you. Do us all a favor and add a quart or two so we are not driving in your smoke screen.

5. Leaving high beams on

Driving at night can be difficult enough especially on those dark country roads. The less you can see, the less well you can drive. Use your hight beams by all means to light up the road ahead, but if another set of headlights is coming toward you, hit the low beam before they get to you. It is also a good idea to make sure your headlights are aimed properly. If your high beams hit someone else in the eyes, you could both be in real danger.

4. Not signaling when turning or changing lanes, or leaving a signal on

Really??? Signaling your intentions is just basic courtesy in addition to being the law! Signaling allows everyone else to predict what is about to happen so we can make an informed decision. Also, after you change lanes, TURN OFF YOUR TURN SIGNAL..........GEEZ!

3. Not clearing snow off their cars

Do we really need to go into a lot of detail here as to why this is unsafe? A rooftop of snow and ice on a car in front of you is 'danger, danger Will Robinson'. Clear your roof and trunk before hitting the highway please....thanks.

2. Driving too fast for road conditions

How many times have you been on an icy road traveling at 2 mph with a death grip on your steering wheel, when some SUV flies past you at 60? Why is it that people who drive trucks and SUV's think they can go the speed limit on ice and snow?? They can't!! If the road is slick or foggy, you have to slow down and drive accordingly no matter how big your vehicle is. Bigger is not better here.

1. Talking on a cell phone

Studies have shown that talking on the phone and texting while driving is just as likely to cause an accident as driving drunk. It's ok to put the phone down. Making lane changes and merging on and off interstates and highways while on the phone is dangerous. You did activate your voicemail, right?