You hear stories everyday about people who play video games for hours and hours without so much as a bathroom break. The games themselves have a very addictive element to them that can be very serious. In England, Chris Staniforth recently died after a marathon Xbox session because of a blood clot that formed from sitting in one place for too long. Staniforth would play 'Halo' for 12-hour long stretches without a break and now his parents are making a plea to other parents to protect their children from the dangers of excessive gaming. The autopsy revealed that Staniforth suffered from deep vein thrombosis, which can be attributed to sitting in one position for too long, he was


only 20 years old. Deep vein thrombosis generally affects travelers who sit for long periods on airplanes and doctors worldwide are now concerned about the risk to video gamers. Microsoft manufactures the Xbox and is actually recommending gamers take frequent breaks to exercise or engage in other activities. Sounds like a warning label waiting to happen, which might be a very good idea.