It remains one of the biggest and most baffling mysteries in U.S. history, whatever happened to the guy who jumped from a Northwest Orient 727 over the Pacific Northwest with $200,000 in cash on November 24, 1971? He was dubbed D.B. Cooper in the media because he boarded the flight as Dan Cooper and shortly after takeoff, he notified the flight crew that he had a bomb. The plane laneded in seattle and passengers were exchanged for parachutes and ransom cash. At some point, when the flight resumed headed for Mexico, Cooper parachuted from the plane and outside of some the cash, not a trace of him has ever been found. There was a movie about the incident called 'The Pursuit Of D.B. Cooper" starring Treat Williams as Cooper. A recent tip has been provided to the FBI by a law enforcement member who directed them to a person who might have information. The FBI calls the lead 'credible' and all eyes are focused on an item belonging to a man that is currently being tested. Investigators would not say what the item is. Cooper likely died in the jump, but rumors have been rampant for more than 40 years that he not only survived, but is living a quiet life somewhere in the Pacific Northwest and is very active in his community and very generous with charitable donations. Some of the money has been recovered, but no physical evidence of Cooper has ever been found. Cooper's legend has grown to cult status and he is right up there with 'Bigfoot' and the 'Lochness Monster'. We may never know, but this new tip is promising.

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