Want to get a rise out of someone at a party? Double dip a chip and see what happens. I'm sure you have heard someone say that double dipping is the same as putting your whole mouth into the bowl. Well, that notion is actually false. A new study says that there is a huge gap between what disgusts us and what is actually harmful. Just because something grosses you out, doesn't mean it's bad for you. Furthermore, that queasy feeling you get when something grosses you out, is actually good for you and helps keep parasites and disease at bay...good news!

According to the study, if you dip a chip, take a bite and dip it again, the amount of additional bacteria and gross stuff isn't really any greater. Before you even touch the dip, it is already loaded with bacteria, which is not harmful...more good news. Now, if you took a mouthful of dip and put the dip back in the bowl from your mouth, that's a whole different story and is NOT good...at all, but who does that?

The other thing that really grosses people out, my wife especially, is finding a hair in your food. Most people think that one hair contaminates the entire dish, right? WRONG! According to the study, hair poses no threat to you at all. That doesn't make it any less gross of course, but it does nothing to increase bacteria levels. I find this fascinating.

Knowing all of this will certainly NOT keep you from gagging like a cat with a furball when this happens...and it shouldn't...gross is gross, right? It's just nice to know that it is not as bad for you as you might have thought...not even close. So, go ahead and double dip your life away and feel good about it. As for that hair in your food...just think of it as additional protein! Wait...I'm getting a little queasy.

The below video is a hilarious scene from 'Seinfeld' about double dipping...enjoy.



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