I love summer! I love hanging out at the pool, and I love sunshine, and I LOVE fresh vegetables from the garden. We are in the Cecil Farms vegetable share at Townsquare and so we get tons of fresh veggies each year. Juicy red tomatoes are my favorite. They just taste different than the store-bought ones.

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This year, I planted a Burpee Big Boy and some basil. Both went crazy so I'm overrun! A great problem to have. So, when I found this recipe from Giada, I had to try it. It's called Sicilian Pesto (Pesto Alla Trapanese) and it's like uncooked marinara sauce. The flavors were fresh, bright, and delicious. It was easy to make and my daughter and I served over pasta but you can put it on fish, veggies, or chicken dishes.

Sicilian Pesto (Pesto Alla Trapanese) Recipe

Get a bunch of fresh vegetables this summer? Make some Sicilian Pesto! It's like an uncooked marinara sauce and it's wonderful!

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