When I saw this security video footage, I literally got the chills. What looks like a legit Door Dash delivery is anything but legit. Take a look at this security camera video from Cincinnati, Ohio that could happen anywhere at anytime.

OMG, such an incredibly scary situation. Imagine what would have happened if the homeowner had opened her door. This makes me want to rush to get a security camera.

We had something similar happen to us a few years ago. Late one night, around 1:00 am, I heard a knock on our front door. At first, I thought I was just dreaming. But, as the soft knocking continued, I got up to see who it might be. I thought I could be my older son, who doesn't have a key to our house. If it was him, he would have called or sent a text, right?

As I slowly walked toward the door, I heard a man's voice saying, Is anybody in there?��I immediately stepped back form the door and as I did I saw a dark figure trying to look in the window. He then when back to the door and took a hold of the door knob and turned it. The door was bolt locked so I very quietly and quickly went back to the bedroom to grab my phone, call 911 and wake my husband up.

With no way to get into our house, the man started walking down our country road. The Daviess County Sheriff stayed on the phone with us until he pulled up in front of our house.  He talked to us about what had happened and went looking for the man. He was picked up and taken to jail on an outstanding warrant.

That was such a close call for us. What if we had accidentally left the door unlocked? What if I had not been so cautious and just opened the door? It petrifies me to think of what might have happened.

NEVER let anyone into your home that you don't expect or don't know. Call a neighbor, friend, or if need be, 911. After watching this video, like me, you are probably going to purchase some kind security system and camera too.

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[SOURCE:WKRC Local 12]

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