Santa Claus, Indiana is no stranger to national attention, but recently this Tri-State town has gone viral! 

In the world of social media, going viral is a pretty big deal!  It can change lives, bring tourists to places they previously hadn't heard of, and some restaurants have had to go to reservation-only because going viral gave them so much business.  Now our sweet little Santa Claus, Indiana has gone viral!

A facebook page known for their videos showcasing all kinds of interesting places, and attractions that you may not know about, recently featured Santa Claus! The page called "In the Know by AOL" has a "Wanderlust" series, and they feature really interesting/unique places.  This week they did a feature on Santa Claus!

Do you think this will bring more tourists to the sweet little town??  I think everyone should experience the joy of Santa Claus! From Holiday world, to Santa's Candy Castle, to fun camping at Lake Rudolph, there really is so much to do there!


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